Zucchini, eggplant, squash, banana peppers, multicolored peppers, pickling peppers

This is a dish served at Konoba Mul, a small restaurant on the North shore of the island Silba, in the Adriatic, 1.5 hours by fast ferry from Zadar. It is whole squid, doused with virgin olive oil and parsley, served with famous potato and greens side dish, Blitva i Krumpir. It is what John would eat every time we went to visit the island.

konoba mul silba squid
squid from silba

I returned from a short trip to Europe a few days ago and wanted to share some photos of the city of my birth, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The market at the cathedral is the biggest in town and always has amazing fruit, vegetables and flowers.






Štrudla od Višanja (Sour Cherry Strudel).








tram that gets you there after you parked your car in a 7 level subterranean garage

lots of trouists

garden along the tram way

one of the exhibits

map of the grounds

entrance view

new purple pergola

view from different levels and mountains

duck with potatoes

view of Bel Air

View of the ocean

view of the garden

one of the courtyards for people to relax and sit in


purple flowers in bloom

I saw these at Tender Greens restaurant in Santa Monica and will make my way back soon to grab one…

Great salad, and dressing, burger was awesome and the chicken strips deeeelicious!!!

213 Arizona AveSanta Monica, CA 90401
United States

At the Santa Monica farmers market near my house

Well, we recently moved out of Portland and here is a photo of an in n out burger I had to try…
Not much to write home about, very thin, lots of bun and lettuce….not unlike mcdonalds

Black beans, yellow rice, pork shoulder, avocado, mango, red onion, green tomatillo sauce



Red velvet coat

Red silk wrap dress

Fun to go, my first time, and I must say the service was outstanding, the back parking lot sweet and the croissant not flaky, also no ceramic cups for the espresso…why??????


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