Amazing place, Vizcaya museum one of the gems of antique properties in America, here are a few photos from our visit, and I have many more.

Eggs, spinach, really delicious, tomato onion salsa, and sprinkled with slices of cheese and green onion!

We were in Miami for a week, happily going out every day and night for our meals but I was craving a home cooked breakfast, so I put together a lovely spread with a tomato from Whole Foods, gruyere from Whole Foods, ham from Whole Foods and organic eggs from Whole Foods, the baguette is from a local baker zak the baker located in the Arts District…very apropos Miami I think!!!


a lovely little salad, at a new place called SAHA specializing in middle eastern food

freshly picked from my front yard…ready to eat or make a pie!!!!

loved the garden, the trellis and the shapes, hundreds of plants and trees, gorgeous place!

A lovely Sunday, walking on the path along the famous Erie Canal and passing the geese and their offspring that make it their home, in Bushnell’s Basin, NY and the Brighton High School Farmer’s Market, my old alma mater



gjelina pizza

gjelina pizza

my favorite kale salad


1 large bunch young kale

4 Brussels sprouts, thinly sliced

one shallot
1/4 cup toasted pine nuts in oil
1/4 cup good grated pecorino
3 radishes sliced
one Meyer lemon
1 tsp mustard
1/4 cup olive oil

marinate for one hour, serve

quietly changing, old and new marries in Los Angeles, a historical district where Sunset and Hollywood abide along with the masses daily perusing the stars in the floor of the sidewalk nearby, the face of the city slowly disappearing and history getting swallowed up by giant hotels and apartment buidlings

Cheese and chard burek

Burek or filo dough
Safflower oil
One cup feta

One bunch swiss chard destemmed and chopped

One cup cottage cheese

Two eggs
One leek washed and chopped
Salt and pepper

Mix all the cheeses and the eggs and chard and leek
Place and roll up in five tripled oiled filo sheets
Place seam side down on baking sheet, drizzle with more oil
Slit tops for steam release
Bake for one hour on 375 in middle of oven



Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 5.30.18 PM

eat candy at DuckDuckGo

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