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On the corner of 39th av and Main st is a place called Pho Dalat, its a Vietnamese soup place across the street from Fred Meyer, the food emporium! They serve $5.00 Pho all day.  John and I go at least once a week, he will go without me a lot too!

Pho Dalat– more info »

Pho is a soup made with beef stock, beef slices, spices and added herbs and noodles!

Here are the photos of our recent trip there:

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OUR FIRST VISIT TO SEATTLE-a minute by minute diary

me freezing on airplane to seattle

Flew in,

Hot croissant sandwich



No magazines

Rentable movie player

Watched the interpreter

Rented hertz at airport

Subaru wagon outback

Drove into W hotel

Parked in wrong garage

Moved car to right garage, surprise free!

Walked to pikes market

Ate at emmet watson’s oyster bar ciopolino was stinky and gumbo was soup with rice in it and too much tarragon, beer was maritime pacific islander dry hop ale, good

walking around downtown

Espresso at French bakery

We went to buy underwear, toothbrush and other things

Then we went to shopping downtown to macy’s, urban, banana, walking

Then we came back to hotel to rest

Pay for internet, view is the modern skyline of seattle and construction workers

Weather began as cloudy but turned hot and sunny by noon

We had vodka martinis in the hotel bar, also 12 oysters, some too briny and bitter but stony creek were great.

The drinks were on the house, as a hotel policy (2 FREE DRINK TICKETS)

Asked the young male concierge where to go eat seafood on the water.

He recommends Anthonys, a great walk down by the water

Turns out Anthony’s has a great view of the Seattle Elliott Bay ship port

seattle waterfront

Food is overpriced, bland and disappointing, poor wine selection, nice waiter

Walked back past Fish Club/Todd English’s Marriott restaurant, looks great

Walked up the stairs right next to it up to Belltown

Tried to find Axis, found it tacky, loud

Went to BADA, a few blocks away, great bartenders, recommended restaurant The Waterfront, Harvest vine, Lark, Flying Fish

Went to Black Bottle, met friend, he ordered great sausages and baby spinach

Took taxi back, flag down on street, 5 minute ride


Got 3 hours of sleep, ordered pot of Starbucks and cream for room service

Shower has weak pressure

Beautiful morning, clouds arriving however, but stays gorgeous, high 80 something

Had breakfast in the W restaurant downstairs

Ordered, food took long time, came cold, fresh squeezed orange juice and Starbucks coffee were good, they charged us half the bill for the cold food, frankly it should have been free, on the house, since we are staying here

Drove around all the in-Seattle neighborhoods

Saw the locks, Gas works park

gasworks park

Had lunch at the Ray’s boathouse…great view…huge crab, undercooked potatoes, overripe tomatoes

crab galore at Ray's Boathouse

Met Ben at Peet’s Coffee, in FREMONT

Almost saw the foundry…was closed

Drove to Mount Rainier…took forever, do not take route 7, strip malls and lights

Mount Rainier was amazing, clouds coming in though, hardly any people,

Ate at some local Mexican chain restaurant on hwy 410 on the way back, horrible, mushy beans and rice


Starbucks coffee and 2 croissants, room service, no coffee spoons, no communication

Cloudy day

Note to self: always bring 2 outfits a day, a coat or large sweater, belt and walking shoes and purse and your own nail clipper

We went to Pioneer Square and ate breakfast at McCoy’s firehouse café


We also had espresso at a café –Zeitgeist café…there-amazing!!!!

All of Pioneer Square has been redone into great spaces!

Went to visit John’s family in Edmonds, or near there.

Suburbia, boring!!!!

Came back in evening, John tired, I meet Erin, the Advertising Director of Utne Magazine and her girlfriend in the W bar.

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We loved it today, sunny and great strawberries, too many baby strollers though and they don’t let dogs in anymore!
We got a buckwheat crepe with bacon, cheese and baby greens in it!

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