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I made sour cherry liquer again this year (see my recipe here…” finally bottling my cherry liquor”) and used the cherries to flavor a new drink I invented!

2 oz white rum
1/4 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1 oz sour cherry liqueur
a squirt of fresh lemon juice
one sour cherry pickled in brandy
lemon peel

shake on ice and serve in a small martini glass

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freshly picked from my front yard…ready to eat or make a pie!!!!

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It tastes delicious and we got quite a few bottles from it, it is a long aging process, summer to late fall in the bottles, sour cherries, best quality vodka and sugar, that’s it!!!! If you simply have to have a bottle email me and I can see if we can mail you one, for $55.00 and shipping costs, to be determined!!




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see recipe here:

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