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just a small space

with the famous cornmeal crust and extremely slow service….

the street

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A great pizza place on east Burnside, thin crust, lots of flavors and an amazing interior, especially the inexpensive yet effective benches and backs, plywood and wooden slats!!!! YEY for cheap and modern construction!!!!

interiors of Sizzle Pie on East Burnside




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John makes pizza

he uses sauce, herbs, fresh mozzarella and bought dough


pretty sight

on to the baking stone

and voila!!!!

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this is the city of my birth, Zagreb, croatia, a place I left when I was 10 and whenever I visit, every five years or so I am pleasantly surprised by great food and fantastic ambiance!

the cathedral is in the background

zagreb pizza w egg in middle-amazing!

zagreb veal chop, flash grilled and scrumptious french fries

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