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Spinach end egg burrito at Balans

Eggs, spinach, really delicious, tomato onion salsa, and sprinkled with slices of cheese and green onion!

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a lovely little salad, at a new place called SAHA specializing in middle eastern food

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just a small space

with the famous cornmeal crust and extremely slow service….

the street

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This is a dish served at Konoba Mul, a small restaurant on the North shore of the island Silba, in the Adriatic, 1.5 hours by fast ferry from Zadar. It is whole squid, doused with virgin olive oil and parsley, served with famous potato and greens side dish, Blitva i Krumpir. It is what John would eat every time we went to visit the island.

konoba mul silba squid
squid from silba

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A great pizza place on east Burnside, thin crust, lots of flavors and an amazing interior, especially the inexpensive yet effective benches and backs, plywood and wooden slats!!!! YEY for cheap and modern construction!!!!

interiors of Sizzle Pie on East Burnside




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Halibut’s on Alberta !!!!

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Portland has a new seafood restaurant, Block & Tackle, on Division Street near 34th av ofcourse, where every famous chef (well almost) wants to open an establishment
Block & Tackle promised a lot…but alas, still no whole grilled fish!!!!!

the chef de cuisine hard at work in the open kitchen

Confit market fish, olive oil, orange zest, garlic, calabrian chili — .10

very tasty, appetizer size

Salt & pepper calamari, leek, fresno chili, sweet chili sauce — .11

The calamari were delicious although not very crunchy

throwing on a corn cob, to be slathered with aeoli

Clams & chorizo, saffron white wine broth — .13
The clams were excellent!

Grilled octopus salad, harissa aioli, chick peas, olives, piquillo pepper, frisee, sherry vinaigrette — .15

The octopus was bland and the proportions tiny, no Charred flavor which we love and did not get

Grilled oysters, lime-chili butter, cilantro — .10

Nice appetizer to have with a shot of vodka!

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A new restaurant in Portland that seems to be getting some attention. I decided to go there with my friend Ann for lunch, who is battling cancer, as per her suggestion, otherwise I might have gone somewhere else since I was not that drawn to it. I was excited to see this on the menu:

grilled cevapcici sausage with lescó — hungarian stew of
gypsy peppers, sweet onions & tomatoes, served with polenta
with grilled corn and asiago cheese 12

It is one of my favorite things to eat in my country of birth, Croatia.

But actually what I got was a sausage, not a “cevapcic” at all, so I was disappointed and Ann was very happy with her burger, a thing she can rarely eat, as per her dietary restrictions.

So I would implore the chef to change the menu to say sausages, in the style of a Polish kielbasa, is what it really tasted like…

cevapcic sausage????

burger with smashed fries

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I ordered this tiny salad with arugula, ricotta and strawberries drizzled with a light balsamic vinaigrette and was in absolute heaven
the restaurant is a stone’s throw from the red palace museum at La Taverna di Colombo


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Portland has a few restaurants we have not tried yet and this is one of them, located in the pearl, downtown

interiors are a bit outdated

john doing research on iphone

john’s huge burger was overcooked, not medium as he requested

my salmon was overdone and the mashed potatoes very gluey, and they surprised us by taking my meal off the check
Very Nice!

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all their crazy sauces

lovely wall backdrop, much like a theatre

and the ribs, corn and pasta salad

Rating: 1-5 I give it a 3

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sevruga caviar, small bottle of vodka, champagne sampler YUM

john on 45th birthday devouring caviar

black ink past with tomato sauce

surf and turf, lobster and steak

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Duck sliced at our table, the crispy skin sliced off the carcass and

then placed on rice chips served with sliced green onion and a sweet hoisin sauce

small crescent shaped buns come with it so you can layer your duck inside of it
we also had lobster, and chinese greens, which I forgot to photograph from being overly occupied with eating!

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i ran into steven romero and martie kilmer and they invited me to lunch at kenny and zuke’s

i ordered the very popular sandwich with corned beef for 11.95 and ate half, i brought the other half back to john who commented on it immediately, the foodie that he is

he said :this is very dry, not very moist, not crazy about it!

so there it is! he is the meat expert after all

kenny and zuke's corned beef

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not a bad place to take your in-laws especially on a great sunny day in Portland (rare in winter)
the eggs were all cooked wrong and the second time around as well, but we managed to eat them anyway
crab (patty) was a bit fishy but John still ate it, overall the best thing was the tea service!!! and my bibb salad

John orders from the menu in the outdoor garden area

egg, bibb lettuce, bacon, cheese, corn cake

monte christo sandwich

lentil burger on toast

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