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painting flowers…..

Not finished yet, but here are photos of the process….from a vase of flowers to a large acrylic canvas…..

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my iPad art

I am inspired by technology’s potential, and the ability to execute art within a minute, simply by randomly choosing colors and shapes, without thinking or planning, simply a subconscious expression, much different from hours spent on my tulip canvasses (listed under art and tulips)

life engine 1

a drawing I did on my ipad

life engine 2

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go see this it’s worth it if you are in portland

The Art Gym: Portland2012

LOCATIONThe Art Gym at Marylhurst University , BP John Administration Building 17600 Pacific Highway, Marylhurst ORFreeMORE INFO503.699.6243

Back in 1992, Prudence Roberts, then an associate curator at the Portland Art Museum, was part of a team that resuscitated the Oregon Biennial after its death for many years. The museum once again dropped the biennial in 2007. Roberts now teaches and curates the gallery at Portland Community College’s Rock Creek campus, but she’s returning as the picker-in-chief for the reinvented biennial put on by the alt-arts space Disjecta. Culling from 280 entries and more than 50 studio visits, Roberts selected 24 artists and collaborative teams for four different venues. If you want an old pro’s view of the brightest lights of contemporary Portland artmaking, look for the glow here.


video monitor for image below

wax, rope, wood

small village made of various paper product

small road sign

large painting


part of his painting

video with trapped fly

trapped fly (video) encased in carved limestone

carved stone book

stone ear on stand with marble envelopes

amazing display of small houses

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my first one in NYC, acrylic

second one

parrot tulip

third one

fourth one

fifth one

sixth one

seventh one

Ieighth one

my color table

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bulldog on bench

I spent 3 hours taking photos as a volunteer, for the website  http://artonalberta.org/ and here are two I took for my own pleasure, of a little boy with the Haiti t-shirt and one of a bulldog on a bench, cooling off!

little boy with uggs

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about life and art


bowl of cherries

bowl of cherries

What if you saw your whole life as your art. Every single bit of it.  Dissatisfaction with ordinary or common expression of art is something that has brought my “creativity” to a halt millions of times throughout my life. Inspiration is rare, and perspiration dull and onerous.  If you are “artistic” but cannot create, you feel dead inside, stifled to no end.  I  have been extremely “creative” and devastatingly “uncreative” throughout the last 30 years of my life.  Whether it was fashion design, filmmaking or art, or even revamping old houses like the one I live in now, I have always struggled with the theme of art’s expression.  It always felt oddly outdated, all art, sort of dead in the water. It seemed the birth of an art piece was its death as well.   To make art, without the goal of retail sales, but simply for the sake of self expression, is anathema to the earth’s thinking.  What?  You’re not making money at it?  You really need a store, a website, a presence, a brand, a trademark,  but no, that’s called business, not art.  

So back to the idea of life as art.  In exploring this “survival” lifestyle, or one not based on sales and commerce, one can feel quite enamored and accepting of even the worst things about one’s life.  My point is that there is no greater creativity than you and your own life.  Your life is your art, no matter how dull it may seem, or how violent or perplexing.  All criticism aside, and taking away the audience of your life, the naysayers and the perpetually discontent advice givers, whose blindness obscures the creativity of their own lives to themselves, one is left with a blank page.  Every moment we can choose, through our new eyes, to see our life as our own canvas.  The pain of harsh self judgement can end.  I am not here to make anyone happy but myself, and I am not here to solve the earth’s problems, and I am not here to become rich or famous, because being here, simply alive and in full presence is all I am here for.

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