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Silba…there is an island on the Adriatic where I went every summer as a little girl, not long ago my parents built a house on it for family vacations.

it is a nature preserve and the water is clear and super clean, there is not much to do there except read, swim and eat…but for a week it’s all you need to get relaxed and empty out your mind of jibber jabber

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a window in paris

near the marais, this fabulous window appeared on our walk

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this is the city of my birth, Zagreb, croatia, a place I left when I was 10 and whenever I visit, every five years or so I am pleasantly surprised by great food and fantastic ambiance!

the cathedral is in the background

zagreb pizza w egg in middle-amazing!

zagreb veal chop, flash grilled and scrumptious french fries

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Sunday early dinner in Paris! Ina Garten eats here, and it was delicious!!!!! Small entrees but really tasty!
raw beef salad
panna cotta

Business Card


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Our friends from NYC did a house exchange with a family in Provence, a town called Pierre Feux, 20 minutes from the ocean in the south of France.  The restaurant food was typically fish, but the small town fruits and meats were unbeatable!  We also made food at home a few times and it was always outstanding!

We stayed for a week and had lots of new experiences!  The French rose is one of the specialties of this region and we visited a few, drank a few labels and saw some old ruins!

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here is a simple meal from a paris bistro, from our recent visit which was very short but always amazing and full of great finds!

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this is an amazing soup my dad makes in Croatia with fresh fish and some very basic ingredients

here is his recipe, written by him
Tatin Brudetto
2-3 onions(med to large)
olive oil-3-4 tablespoons
tomato fresh or minced, about a small to med can
garlic a clove sliced finely
lorber leaves
parsley chopped
1 lbs chicken broth
1-2 tablespoons of vinegar-Balsamic or white wine
salt (quite a bit to taste)
cayenne pepper-to taste(hot)
First sautee chopped onions in olive oil till soft(not burned),then add tomato(paste,fresh or minced), cayenne,a few leaves of lorber,broken for flavor,sautee for a few minutes together, may add black pepper,garlic. Now comes the fish,shells if you have any,it is better if you have a few different fishes.Salt and pour 1/2 to 1 lbs of chicken broth.Usually to cover the fish. I like more juice , so I add a bit more depending on a fish.Some is more watery than others.
Cook for about 15-25 minutes, again depending on a fish. I added some octopus,sauteed it first than added fish.
Hope it serves you well and
Love Dad

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This is Silba, an island we spent a few weeks on this summer, my childhood summers were spent here and its a magical place

silba boats

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Amsterdam rocks

love their storefronts

love this storefront

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spain’s bounty

More of the foods out of Barcelona, Spain.  Fish, fruit,vegetables, meats, all amazing and so fresh!

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lamb's head at meat market in barcelona

Exploring Barcelona for a week was great!  The meat market is amazing and this, although nauseating and vivid is typical of the brutality and truth of carnal and carnivorous food selling agents and their displays

amazing cured hams

so this is also amazing stuff

This was the best thing about Spain, every corner had a stand with fresh smoked meats!

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