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Remembering Genoa

A magical city….in Italy

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Amazing place, Vizcaya museum one of the gems of antique properties in America, here are a few photos from our visit on a very hot day in July.

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Zagreb Farmer's Market

I returned from a short trip to Europe a few days ago and wanted to share some photos of the city of my birth, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The market at the cathedral is the biggest in town and always has amazing fruit, vegetables and flowers.






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I still remember the amazing food I had in Genoa Italy…

Coppa with Parmesan cheese and fresh arugula

Zucchini at the market

artichokes in vases

cheese tortellini

assorted raw vegetables

fresh fish

my bass off the grill and fresh garden greens

veal steak with arugula, parmesan and

olive oil

fresh fruit smoothie

arugula,baby spinach, strawberries and goat cheese salad with balsamic and olive oil

seafood stew in broth

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Upstate NY and duck pond

on my recent holiday visit to upstate ny, a frozen pond serves as a resting place for hundreds of ducks, the beauty of it made me stop in my car and take this photo

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this is the most amazing spot…on top of the cliff in La Jolla, California

and the beach near by, Pacific Beach

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We went to San Diego to get a few days in the sun and had great weather, in the 80’s, sunny every day, but no swimming, the water temp was 63, and way too cold

The view from the 26th floor, of the Hilton Bayfront hotel, with the convention center on the right

the view from the pool area

a statue in front of the water

Hilton’s front entrance

John enjoying crab at the Crab Shack nearby

A hair cutting seminar was scheduled for one of the conference rooms in the hotel

visiting Coronado beach at the hotel’s restaurant

small garden of herbs by the hotel

the stalk of this cactus looks like an asparagus spear

walking the sidewalk near Coronado beach

Coronado Beach

sunset by our hotel

bridge from the hotel to the gaslamp area

sushi at Taka in Gastown, San Diego

Pacific Beach

the pier at Pacific Beach

Surfers at the beach

fishing off the pier

Pacific beach pier

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…my parents are on Silba http://silba.aventin.hr/is right now, experiencing extreme heat, unlike any they can remember since I was born and was frequenting the island with them
this is very strange since never have the islands been under such duress, with no rain, no water coming in from the mainland via boat, just an overall dearth of drinking water

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I ordered this tiny salad with arugula, ricotta and strawberries drizzled with a light balsamic vinaigrette and was in absolute heaven
the restaurant is a stone’s throw from the red palace museum at La Taverna di Colombo


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a week on Maui, Hawaii

yes the storm was coming but the colors were awsome

John and Colin running towards me

Fabulous seafood at Mama’s Fishouse

the surfers beach on the north side

purple flora

green tropical color

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Yesterday’s weather at the summit was exciting on Maui’s volcano

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On Hana road, took a photo of this plant in a shopping area off the highway

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