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Holiday Wreaths

these are easily made at home, from your own garden or bought from a wholesale  florist

Mixture of rose hips and crabapples, wired to a round garland form available at craft shops

rose hips in water buckets

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a block from our house on 34th av





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cherry blossoms

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a tiny bouquet

picked while taking a walk with john in the neighborhood


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amazing poppy

just a flower amidst some weeds in the sunnyside neighborhood

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yellow gerber daisy

a gorgeous yellow, a perfect shape!

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red gerber daisy

for a jolt of spring color!!!!!

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White magnolia

This type does so well in Portland either as tree or large bush

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john took all these amazing rose photos with his iphone!!!!

pink roses

yellow rose

candy cane rose

baby pink rose

pale pink rose

lacy pink edges

pale honey rose

dark pink

fuchsia rose

violet rose

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pink roses

pink roses

a bush we saved from oblivion in a corner of our back yard when we bought the house

grows tall, full of blooms….

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Peonies in Portland

Amazing and inspirational, plan to paint this soon, before the summer ends and the winter begins

Photo taken By Visnja

Sent from my iPad

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this red rose is about 7 inches across in bloom and it is from a bush we saved in the back yard of our 1897 victorian house, for sure on old variety and its scent is unbelievably intoxicating, heady, perfumy, hard to find these days in the hybrid rose world

my roses and peonies from our local store

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I got these to use in the photo shoot today (the Kitchn) of our kitchen,they are by Martie Kilmer of spacedesignonline.com

a boat of succulents

handblown recycled glass and an ocean world of succulents

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our house


a wall in the neighborhood going up


a red rhododendron

rhododendron red

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We are back from 8 months in NYC and in our house again. Gorgeous yellow tulips have bloomed and I picked a few for setting on the dining table, they came as courtesy bulbs from our neighbor Alisha a few years back. Truly stunning, petals about 5″ long!

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Flowers in Bloom

there are so many flowers in bloom right now and I am really looking forward to photographing them and saving them on my desktop! this one is one I planted and am reaping the rewards of the bunch

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