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This room was a mess, it took 3 weeks to redo. First drywall was layed over the old cracking walls, then smooth sanded. New doors and trim were installed and everything painted. Much was learned by me about VOC paint as well as contractors, again.  He said it would take 3-4 days and after 4 days he barely had the drywall sanded, but not finished.  He said he underestimated the length of time it would take and I had already paid him for the 4 days.  He then said he would keep working until it was done and not charge me anymore.  I said fine, not knowing it would take him another 4 days.  He took all day, 8 hours to take out an old door and pout in the new prehung door.  He took all day to lay drywall over old walls.  He took all day to install 46 feet of baseboard trim.  Etc…He then sent a letter after finishing, asking for 36 hours more of paid work, even though he only worked 24 more hours, barely at that and he had said he would not charge me, according to his “principles”, he felt he needed to finish his jobs, no matter what.  I thought to myself, I will see you in court, if need be! According to him, he is a teacher, going through a divorce, laid off from work, and his sister told him to check out Craigslist, where he contacted me through my ad.  I could write a book just about the guys I got through Craigslist!  OMG!

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