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this is how it looks new

this is how it looks new

shower hardware

We were faced with an outdated moldy bathroom and the choice was not hard, we had to gut it.  Water had apparently been leaking from the toilet for a long time and was another reason the mold took such a stronghold.  Once we gutted everything we realized the floorboards suffered water damage as well.  We actually moved the bathroom to another location all together.  We moved it to where the old closet and chimney were.  Our architect helped us draw up the plans that would also include a large walk in closet.  The old bathroom was placed between the two bedrooms and  the new bathroom was going to be off the kitchen.  This was the best solution since the size of the house did not allow too much maneuvering.  Choosing the materials for the new bathroom and dealing with construction issues turned out to be nightmarish.  



another photo of the bathroom before

the bathroom before

Showrooms are full of nice but incompetent sales people that do not understand products and design.  Contractors often say they can do anything but end up screwing up half the work.  We fired and hired numerous people during the bathroom redo even calling the police once when the bathroom drywall guy threatened to come over and beat us up if we did not pay him the last few hundred we owed him.  We had not paid it because he did not finish the job.  The police actually called his cell number and told him not to come to our house or he would be arrested.  He was working without a license and had serious drunks and drug addicts as his helpers and we believe he was a meth addict himself.  He also did not finish the job even though we did pay him everything.  The many lessons we learned will still be told further in another section.

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