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It tastes delicious and we got quite a few bottles from it, it is a long aging process, summer to late fall in the bottles, sour cherries, best quality vodka and sugar, that’s it!!!! If you simply have to have a bottle email me and I can see if we can mail you one, for $55.00 and shipping costs, to be determined!!




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fish to eat and to avoid guide



Arctic Char (farmed) Barramundi (US farmed) Catfish (US farmed) Clams (farmed)

Cobia (US farmed)
Cod: Pacific (US non-trawled)
Crab: Dungeness, Stone
Halibut: Pacific (US)
Lobster: California Spiny (US)
Mussels (farmed)
Oysters (farmed)
Sablefish/Black Cod (Alaska & Canada) Salmon (Alaska wild)
Sardines: Pacific (US)
Scallops (farmed)
Shrimp: Pink (OR)
Striped Bass (farmed & wild*)
Tilapia (US farmed)
Trout: Rainbow (US farmed)
Tuna: Albacore (Canada & US Pacific,

Tuna: Skipjack, Yellowfin (US troll/pole)

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we are almost done with the 5 Velux skylights being installed in the attic before it becomes a real space
at a cost of $6000 for the windows and installation, it has a very large part to play in the ongoing renovation….it will give us a new space to enjoy and perhaps help us sell the house for what we have put into it

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this is the most amazing spot…on top of the cliff in La Jolla, California

and the beach near by, Pacific Beach

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