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I had a lovely time with Alisha at Albertina Kerr, a Portland landmark

a top that will be repurposed, top designer find!!!!

they used these as bassinets in the 40’s

a lovely herb garden in the back

a peek of yellow petals in the garden

my friend Alisha in a quiet corner under the canopy of tangled vines

honeysuckle vines

Japanese maple tree in the courtyard

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star shirt


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You cant swim in it it’s too cold, but the beach is really beautiful

a blue haze covered everything

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An old door in the neighborhood becomes a garden gate

This old garage is overgrown with weeds but the roll up door is typical of these old se homes

Funny orange cat just staring back at me from his stairs

Atypical moving scenario by Fred Meyer

A few of my roses from the front of the house

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