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john waiting for the waitress at 1 pm on a saturday

wood paneling on walls

cool bar and white tile wall

pomegranate and rhubarb vinegars as our drinks

four spicy condiments

cool tablecloths

lamb noodle soup

duck leg noodle soup

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I got these to use in the photo shoot today (the Kitchn) of our kitchen,they are by Martie Kilmer of spacedesignonline.com

a boat of succulents

handblown recycled glass and an ocean world of succulents

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vietnamese joint, soups and sandwiches (ban mhi)

ban mhi

vienamese ban mhi

soup sides

chicken soup

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our house


a wall in the neighborhood going up


a red rhododendron

rhododendron red

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We are back from 8 months in NYC and in our house again. Gorgeous yellow tulips have bloomed and I picked a few for setting on the dining table, they came as courtesy bulbs from our neighbor Alisha a few years back. Truly stunning, petals about 5″ long!

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