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I spent the last six months working on my new fashion collection for women, it will be available for sale in September locally in Portland

Here are some individual photos and a link to the website http://visnjaclayton.com

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it has been a crazy 3 weeks, not easy but we think worth it

almost there

Just finish work and paint

stairs to basement

door to basement

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Pass it on

Buy sockeye salmon now!!! Drilling for oil I that area of Alaska will be a threat to this fish unless its value is proven

sockeye salmon on their menu and/or host a Savor Bristol Bay Dinner to support Bristol Bay’s salmon fishery and protection from threats like the proposed Pebble Mine. A full list of participating restaurants can be found here.


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my garden artichokes

heavy, mysterious and beautiful…why not share, and afterwards I will see if the leaves will close up or if we just cook and eat them as usual

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John’s ribs

My husband John used to be a professional cook.  He started at age 16 and worked his way up to chef at the Big Apple Cafe in Rochester, NY.  He is now, years later,a self taught top IOS programmer!!!!!  But, he still loves to cook, especially ribs and buffalo chicken wings, being that he is from the Northern East coast and that his father, born in Missouri, taught him early on how to smoke meats and fish, it still remains his go to fun and satisfying food of his life.  He misses the fat on the ribs here in Portland, but once in a while he lucks out and gets a rare butcher to leave it on so they can retain their juiciness as they slow cook in our back yard smoker/grill.  He will be selling his ribs by preorder to his clamoring programmer buddies and other Portland acquaintances who cannot believe the amazing product he turns out!!!!

He will charge $14/for half rack!!!

Starting July 28!!!

Please place your orders early, as we will need to purchase and prep all the ribs as well do a long smoke on them (yes I will be photographing and writing it up, as well as taking all the orders!!!)

Here are the photos from the last rib cooking session!

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from dining room into the attic soon to be large master

from dining room into the basement

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sour cherries from mt. hood valley

sour cherries


bake in sun for two weeks
stay tuned…

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Amazing cherries, small farm but delicious!

And gorgeous blueberries! I got 9 pounds

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We have waited a long time to do this part of the project and finally are on our way!

The stairs will go from the main living floor into the basement and above those the stairs to the attic/new living space will be installed.  We will also eventually add a second bathroom upstairs, according to our architect’s drawings it will be another 700 square feet of living space.ImageImageImageImage


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