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The Hazel Room cafe

this cafe opened a few months ago around the corner from my house, on Hawthorne and 32nd, in an old craftsman style brick bungalow http://thehazelroom.com
it is awesome!!! please go there if in Portland visiting

beer, wine and muffins

bar and cafe in one

old dining room

small detail from the mantel

my fluffy single machiato

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watermelon surprise

watermelons and juice

this is a watermelon i bought and cut up today, from whole foods…I LOVE IT
I also took another two watermelons, took out the flesh and blended them until they were liquid
I froze my freshly squeezed watermelon juice for those rainy winter days!!!! in weck jars with plastic lids

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pizza at home

dough, 12″ size from local pizza parlor on Hawthorne and 37th av

1.5 balls of fresh mozzarella, cubed
10 slices of spicy sopresatta
handful of basil leaves
small sliced tomato
hot pepper flakes
salt, pepper and sprinkle of olive oil
cook for 20 minutes at 510F

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chez moi today, fresh waffle and cooked blackberries and blueberries for breakfast

2 minutes after serving them

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