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my recent visit to Martie’s studio in Portland

see my video too:

lovely green house

little lizard has his home on this plant

tons of air plants

all kinds of lichens

black kitty

monster airplant

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A great pizza place on east Burnside, thin crust, lots of flavors and an amazing interior, especially the inexpensive yet effective benches and backs, plywood and wooden slats!!!! YEY for cheap and modern construction!!!!

interiors of Sizzle Pie on East Burnside




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If you need a footstool get this one from ikea, it is cheap and very modern looking. It comes in black or white

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Mt. Hood

Such a great hike along the plains

mt. hood

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Silba…there is an island on the Adriatic where I went every summer as a little girl, not long ago my parents built a house on it for family vacations.

it is a nature preserve and the water is clear and super clean, there is not much to do there except read, swim and eat…but for a week it’s all you need to get relaxed and empty out your mind of jibber jabber

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I pickled some long green peppers, added a chopped chicken thigh sautéed in olive oil, a few garbanzo beans, winter tomato, and organic Bibb lettuce The dressing is a light vinaigrette with fresh garlic.
Perfect lunch that I shared with fellini! my Maltese! although he really only ate the chicken, lol

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