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this red rose is about 7 inches across in bloom and it is from a bush we saved in the back yard of our 1897 victorian house, for sure on old variety and its scent is unbelievably intoxicating, heady, perfumy, hard to find these days in the hybrid rose world

my roses and peonies from our local store

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champagne facts

I ran across this today in an old Saveur magazine and thought some people might find it useful:

Labels on French champagnes can be confusing and here are some quick facts:
Blanc de Blancs-made only with white grapes, 100 percent Chardonnay, ages well
Blanc de Noirs-light colored champagnes made from the juice of dark-skinned grapes such as pinot noir or pinot meunier
Brut-meaning dry, very little sugar added to the bottle, 95% of all French champagnes
Demi-Sec-pair well with desserts,noticeable amount of sugar
Extra-Dry-pretty sweet, popular in American sparkling wines
Rose-wide variety of taste, made with contact with dark grape skins or blending with red

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