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Fellini gets his pea!

Fellini approaches cautiously as john eats a pea and reads saveur

Fellini attempts to steal pea pod from john

fellini licks pea pod

getting closer

felini bites pea pod

and chews it


and chews it more

well maybe it’s not as good as it looked

peas, check out the ratio,empty pods galore, peas not so much

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We installed new double pane airtight Marvin windows

Marvin Windows in wood

We recycled the steel we took off (the siding)

Steel siding

We repaired the original wood siding and stripped and repainted by hand

We used non toxic paint inside

We bought the highest effeciency appliances we could afford


Bosch and Wolf

We bought a dual flush toilet

We installed a new high efficiency gas furnace

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