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a window in paris

near the marais, this fabulous window appeared on our walk

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three small tables

well my small side tables are going to be at Relish for the first time ever!!!

I am thrilled, especially since it is an amazing store and  these are my first furniture pieces! and completely hand made in portland!!!

15.5 in tall and 11 in wide

made of pure mahogany wood, hand finished in either black stain, teak oil (for outdoor use) or raw wood

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about an hour out of portland martie k. took me foraging for plants and moss and mushrooms today, she is after all a well cherished portland topiary designer and hunts down amazing green nature

a stump, well saturated with oregon rains

lush moss abounds everywhere

lichen on old stumps

and my (meager) catch of the day, a single chantarelle mushroom!

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my first one in NYC, acrylic

second one

parrot tulip

third one

fourth one

fifth one

sixth one

seventh one

Ieighth one

my color table

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I went to sherwood orchards today…and took my camera

the sky was amazing today, the rain had stopped

an amazing apple tree, amongst hundreds , it still held on to its fruit

bucket of apples

pinot noir grapes at chehalem

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our sewer line is being replaced! OMG Portland makes you do this if your sewer joins another’s and if you want to either sell your house or add a second bathroom, and at the tune of $6000 or so you are obliged to do it

side view near house

another side view

mud and holes and pipes

john staring down the deep hole

our lovely back yard

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so cool, last night ‘Instrument’, a web developing company in portland threw a moving in party at their new “HUGE” space near Franz bread factory in SE Portland!

koi food truck drove into the space and served delicious tacos (slow on delivery but worth every bite)

teepees built out of recycled wood,very cool

space and truck

new tents by a friend of instrument, set up for sleepy programmers and others

bring your guitar to work, why not!

open space, great lighting

cool ceiling

iinstrument open house party, wall light show

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i ran into steven romero and martie kilmer and they invited me to lunch at kenny and zuke’s

i ordered the very popular sandwich with corned beef for 11.95 and ate half, i brought the other half back to john who commented on it immediately, the foodie that he is

he said :this is very dry, not very moist, not crazy about it!

so there it is! he is the meat expert after all

kenny and zuke's corned beef

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