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i decided to paint on a canvas 20 x 20

my daffodil sketch

daffodil 1

version 2

daffodil 3

daffodil 4

daffodil 5

daffodil 6

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this is last night’s dinner at home! i cooked the sliced onions in the oven for an hour in olive oil and then john cooked them in butter in a pan and with beef stock, little sage and a bit of port
after slicing fresh baguette into it, he topped it with gruyere and parmesan and broiled it for 5 minutes!, YUM!!!!

onion soup

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john took all these amazing rose photos with his iphone!!!!

pink roses

yellow rose

candy cane rose

baby pink rose

pale pink rose

lacy pink edges

pale honey rose

dark pink

fuchsia rose

violet rose

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Wow today we hunted down over 5 pounds even in rain and fog and a picked over forest floor

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pink roses

pink roses

a bush we saved from oblivion in a corner of our back yard when we bought the house

grows tall, full of blooms….

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