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our sewer line is being replaced! OMG Portland makes you do this if your sewer joins another’s and if you want to either sell your house or add a second bathroom, and at the tune of $6000 or so you are obliged to do it

side view near house

another side view

mud and holes and pipes

john staring down the deep hole

our lovely back yard

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so cool, last night ‘Instrument’, a web developing company in portland threw a moving in party at their new “HUGE” space near Franz bread factory in SE Portland!

koi food truck drove into the space and served delicious tacos (slow on delivery but worth every bite)

teepees built out of recycled wood,very cool

space and truck

new tents by a friend of instrument, set up for sleepy programmers and others

bring your guitar to work, why not!

open space, great lighting

cool ceiling

iinstrument open house party, wall light show

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