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A shoot I am doing on Saturday will be at this location

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yellow gerber daisy

a gorgeous yellow, a perfect shape!

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red gerber daisy

for a jolt of spring color!!!!!

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Portland has a few restaurants we have not tried yet and this is one of them, located in the pearl, downtown

interiors are a bit outdated

john doing research on iphone

john’s huge burger was overcooked, not medium as he requested

my salmon was overdone and the mashed potatoes very gluey, and they surprised us by taking my meal off the check
Very Nice!

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If I were God, just if…would I need to be satisfied?

Einstein said he tried to think like God!
So I ask you…

Please answer as truthfully as possible, as if YOU were God!

Also, please feel free to add any of your own “does god need” …questions!

Does god need to feel productive?

Does god need to feel loved?

Does god need to feel powerful?

Does god need to feel financially secure?

Does god need to be famous?

Does god need to have a lot of friends?

Does god need a Mcmansion?

Does god need a convertible BMW?

Does god judge himself?

Does god need a vacation?

If I were God, what would I really need?????

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John makes pizza

he uses sauce, herbs, fresh mozzarella and bought dough


pretty sight

on to the baking stone

and voila!!!!

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