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My Week!

I scouted old Victorian porch parts in search of a post and other stair elements for the outside front

these are not that old but still cost $9 each so needing 50 of them is way too expensive

this is a house i drove by that had the whole porch already done

Fellini was so cute he pushed his behind in-between these couches when we were eating dinner

tiny flowers in bloom, about 2″ high

john assembled his new desk today, it moves up and down, OMG!!!!!

Fellini still sits in his basket under it undeterred

…and the whole day has been a basement clean out day and organizing day which Crystal has been doing most of!!! YEY!!!

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I got the recipe here:

the dough has proofed and has been rolled into a rectangle

the butter is at room temperature

i flattened the butter and laid it on top of the dough

folded the dough over the butter

rolled out the dough again

fold over and refrigerate

flatten again and dollop with almond cream made ahead

sprinkle with rum soaked raisins

roll up into a log


log cut into three pieces for freezing

log cut up

proofing three pieces for breakfast overnight in refrigerator

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I ordered this tiny salad with arugula, ricotta and strawberries drizzled with a light balsamic vinaigrette and was in absolute heaven
the restaurant is a stone’s throw from the red palace museum at La Taverna di Colombo


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a tiny bouquet

picked while taking a walk with john in the neighborhood


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amazing poppy

just a flower amidst some weeds in the sunnyside neighborhood

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