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Beef and Greens Stir Fry

My husband is addicted to this meal I concocted:

Chopped garlic
Hot pepper flakes
1 bunch chopped lacinato kale stems removed

Sauté 1 lb ground beef in olive oil with the garlic and hot pepper flakes
until all the liquid evaporates

Add chopped kale and cook 10 minutes stirring constantly
Cover and turn off heat

Cook basmati rice separately

Serve beef with rice and a hot sauce like sriracha drizzled over it



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Working on this house coat for over a week now, in the middle of construction and jet lag but determined to get it done. It will sell online as soon as I post it up on Etsy
If you are interested in purchasing it ahead of that tell me and I will make a special order for you.
The cost will be $550.00, and the fabric has a very limited run, at $70/yard it is an indulgence and there are only a few yards left of this style, 100% wool, original design, bought from the Pendleton store in Portland.  This is a large and is very roomy, above the knee.

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