In my opinion, some great evening looks! Red Carpet for sure!

Harry’s Berries strawberries, Spanish Cured Ham or Prosciutto
Garden picked arugula
Mozzarella sliced
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Toss the arugula with the olive oil and vinegar, sprinkle with salt and pepper, assemble in a bowl and layer the prosciutto, mozarella and strawberries on top.
Serve with pan fried whole wheat bread slices or sourdough slices!

pink dogwood branch

from our huge dogwood tree…absolutely stunning….can’t wait to paint it

Croatian Pizza

amazing pizza in Croatia, here is one with arugula, prosciutto, green olives and sheeps cheese,and a bit of tomato sauce on the bottom

baking bagels at home

John decided to make bagels from scratch for us and he got amazing results!

inspiration recipe:


John baked a seeded sourdough loaf and I made an openface egg sandwich with it, by toasting it and layering it with home made egg salad, with chopped cornichon and shredded romaine, the apple is from a local orchard!

All the Japanese maples I could find in the park in Rochester NY.

This was the first time I made a shrimp only paella, and served with charred shishito peppers on the side.


my father loves seafood and the island of Silba rarely sees any but they do have sardines flying in every now and then via local fishing boats that sell it as bait for the large tuna they are rasiing for the Japanese near Zadarhere he is patiently sitting by his new electric grill, tending to them and tmaking sure they get nicely toasted! they were delicious!

Pan fry the salmon in butter and olive oil for two minutes per side, add salt and pepper, meanwhile cook the green beans in butter and a chopped shallot for five minutes, cook lentils in water with a bay leaf for 20 minutes, add a few tablespooons of home made tomato sauce when finished

Buckwheat pancake mix, dried blueberries soaked in rum for a week, half a banana, a tangerine and maple syrup!!!!

my new collection

laura is an incredible dancer and modeling my collection available at visnjaclayton.com

Essential Certified Lotion

I found this online and wanted to share it, skin cream more affordable than most, for general use.


I made sour cherry liquer again this year (see my recipe here…” finally bottling my cherry liquor”) and used the cherries to flavor a new drink I invented!

2 oz white rum
1/4 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
1 oz sour cherry liqueur
a squirt of fresh lemon juice
one sour cherry pickled in brandy
lemon peel

shake on ice and serve in a small martini glass


One tomato sliced
Can of sardines with chopped olives in olive oil
Fresh marjoram
Slice of country bread
Cream cheese
olive oil
salt and pepper


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