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A new restaurant in Portland that seems to be getting some attention. I decided to go there with my friend Ann for lunch, who is battling cancer, as per her suggestion, otherwise I might have gone somewhere else since I was not that drawn to it. I was excited to see this on the menu:

grilled cevapcici sausage with lescó — hungarian stew of
gypsy peppers, sweet onions & tomatoes, served with polenta
with grilled corn and asiago cheese 12

It is one of my favorite things to eat in my country of birth, Croatia.

But actually what I got was a sausage, not a “cevapcic” at all, so I was disappointed and Ann was very happy with her burger, a thing she can rarely eat, as per her dietary restrictions.

So I would implore the chef to change the menu to say sausages, in the style of a Polish kielbasa, is what it really tasted like…

cevapcic sausage????

burger with smashed fries

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