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I definitely wanted an organic garden, planted 10 small lettuce sprouts and watered and tended to them. As they grew they started atracting friendly visitors that put a few holes in each leaf.  I discovered many baby slugs, or snails, and tried the old fashioned beer method.  It did work for a while but the slug fest continued.  I often picked them off by hand, but it continued.  Then I started picking the lettuce and noticed as it sat in bowls, soaking, little slugs and snails started to surface.  They were the ones doing all the damage to my small organic garden.  I think the solution is to keep the lettuce in a large vessel while it’s growing, or a raised bed.  The slugs came from everywhere, I am sure.  Nevertheless it is beautiful and we are enjoying it!small snail in my lettuce

small snail in my lettuce



Lettuce from my garden

Lettuce from my garden

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