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beets and carrots

Every year we start our Thanksgiving planning with the best of intentions. “Last year was over-the-top. Could we please put the brakes on with the side dishes this time?” And every year we cook way more food than our extended family could possibly eat in one sitting.

I blame my mother. She can’t resist a side that sounds good. Of course we need creamed turnips along with creamed cauliflower, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and turnip gratin. And that’s just the starches. Every year we pick out a turkey big enough for all of us, not counting the fact that we will be so full with sides that we don’t have a lot of room left for the turkey. This year I bought a small turkey at Zupan’s, we are solo, John and I and we will be eating two simple sides, like the beets and carrots above, maybe a fancy dessert (hint, hint)…in fact I think Papa Haydn makes a to die for strawberry cake that would be perfect!!!!!

beets and carrots

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